Top Erotic Sex Toys for Valentine’s Day

Top Erotic Sex Toys for a Fiery Valentine’s Day, Night and Morning.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, intimacy, and connection, and what better way to enhance these experiences than by exploring the world of adult toys? From enhancing pleasure to strengthening bonds, adult toys offer couples an opportunity to explore their desires and spice up their intimate moments. In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the best adult toys, couple toys, and pleasure toys that can set the stage for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day (or any other special occasion).

Couple Toys for Shared Pleasure:

Vibrating Couples’ Rings:

These rings are more than just a piece of jewelry; they’re designed to revolutionize lovemaking. Vibrating couples’ rings, often made from body-safe silicone, feature a stretchy ring that snugly fits around the base of the penis, enhancing erections while providing stimulating vibrations. Simultaneously, a part of the ring is positioned to stimulate the clitoris, intensifying pleasure for both partners during intercourse. These pleasure toys not only encourage longer lasting and firmer erections but also deliver heightened sensations that elevate the shared experience of intimacy.

Remote-Controlled Toys:

These innovative couple toys offer a thrilling level of interaction and anticipation for couples. Ranging from discreet wearable vibrators to panties equipped with small, powerful motors, these Couples sex toys come with remote control capabilities. Partners can enjoy the excitement of surprise pleasure from a distance. Some Couples sex toys connect through smartphone apps, allowing one partner to control the other’s sensations discreetly in public or across long distances. The element of control and anticipation adds a playful and adventurous dimension to the relationship, creating opportunities for shared excitement and intimacy.

Pleasure Toys for Her:

Clitoral Stimulators:

Clitoral suction vibrators or stimulators have gained popularity for their ability to deliver intense and precise stimulation to the clitoris. These devices use air pulsation or suction technology to mimic oral stimulation, offering unique and powerful sensations. With various intensity levels and patterns, these Couples sex toys cater to individual preferences and can lead to explosive orgasms.

G-Spot Vibrators:

Designed with a curved shape to target the elusive G-spot, these vibrators provide internal stimulation that can lead to powerful and deeply gratifying orgasms. Available in different sizes, shapes, and textures, G-spot vibrators allow individuals to explore and discover their pleasure zones, enhancing their solo or shared intimate experiences.

Pleasure Toys for Him:

Prostate Massagers:

Prostate massage pleasure toys are specifically crafted to stimulate the prostate gland, known as the “male G-spot.” These toys come in different shapes and sizes, featuring curved designs to reach and massage this erogenous zone. By stimulating the prostate, these toys can lead to intense sensations and prolonged pleasure for men, sometimes resulting in heightened orgasms.

Masturbation Sleeves:

Textured masturbation sleeves or strokers are designed to provide a realistic and stimulating experience for solo play. These sleeves come in various textures, shapes, and materials, simulating the sensations of penetrative sex and allowing men to explore diverse stimulations for enhanced pleasure during self-pleasure sessions.

Versatile Adult Toys for Couples:

App-Enabled Toys:

Modern technology has birthed a new era of adult toys that sync with smartphone apps. These toys offer a wide range of features, including multiple vibration patterns, customizable intensities, and the ability to control each other’s pleasure remotely. Whether in the same room or miles apart, partners can use these app-enabled toys to create intimate moments and explore shared desires.

Kinky and Bondage Gear:

For couples interested in exploring kinks or incorporating elements of dominance and submission into their play, the realm of bondage couple toys offer an array of possibilities. Bondage kits, restraints, blindfolds, paddles, and other accessories allow couples to experiment with power dynamics, enhancing trust, communication, and intimacy within their relationship.

Passion Ignited: The Best 5 Adult Toys for Enhanced Intimacy and Pleasure From Limp Donkey

10 Function Vibrating Nipple Clamps Purple:

Take advantage of these 10-function Vibrating Nipple Clamps to make your nipples tingle with delight!

These clamps, which are made of sturdy metal clips and have incredibly soft rubber liners for maximum comfort, are ideal for both newcomers and fetish fans. After the stem screws are nice and snug, choose the required tension.

Aby Pussy Masturbator Sexy Talk:

A great male sex toy that is meant to give extreme pleasure and stimulation is the Pretty Love Aby Pussy Masturbator.

With each thrust, the soft and stimulating inner sleeve of this masturbator replicates the sensation of a real vagina, providing an exceptionally delightful experience.

A motor is also included inside the gadget to power the thrusting movement, which smoothly and realistically raises and lowers the inner sleeve. You will have a strong and fulfilling sensation as a result that will leave you gasping for air and aching for more.

16 Function Super Pearl Rabbit Pink:

For a comprehensive six-speed ream, our 16-Function Super Pearl Rabbit Pink  is designed with a soft, lifelike penis tip twists left, then right, a quarter turn, a half turn, and a three-quarter turn.

Laviva Honey Pot Masturbator:

The ideal gadget for your alone time is here: the Honey Pot Masturbator. This toy, which is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), is intended to give you a realistic and fulfilling experience.

It’s crucial to adhere to basic maintenance guidelines if you want your toy to survive a long time. Rinse the Honey Pot with warm water and either liquid antibacterial soap, toy cleaning, or mild soap after each use. After using a gentle cloth to pat it dry, let it air dry completely. Dust the surface with talc or cornstarch to restore its natural texture. Keep the Honey Pot and other toys apart at all times.

Good head Tingle Drops 3 Pack:

This three-piece package of GoodHead Tingle Drops enhances your oral play with tingling, thrilling sensations and three exquisite tastes.

These oral sex enhancers, which are designed to provide a cold tingling feeling upon contact, come in 1.0 fl. oz. dropper vials including the flavors of silky French vanilla, sweet cherry, and cotton candy.

At Limp Donkey, we recognize the value of contentment, safety, and quality in the realm of adult entertainment. We carefully choose every item in our inventory to ensure you can get your hands on the greatest options. We provide something for everyone, regardless of experience level or inexperience in the realm of personal gratification.

Five Stimulating Sex Toys

Five Stimulating Sex Toys and Vibrators Beyond Penetration

In the realm of sexual pleasure, preferences differ widely. For many individuals, penetration might not necessarily be the go-to source of satisfaction during intimate moments. Luckily, the diverse landscape of sex toys and vibrators offers a gateway to explore boundless pleasure beyond traditional penetration. These innovative tools not only cater to varied desires but also empower individuals to discover a realm of satisfaction uniquely suited to their preferences.

Understanding the Role of Sex Toys and Vibrators:      

Vibrator sex toys represent a spectrum of intimate gadgets designed to enhance pleasure and diversify sexual experiences. They serve as instrumental tools for individuals who may not find enjoyment or satisfaction through penetrative intercourse alone. The essence lies in their ability to stimulate erogenous zones, offering a plethora of sensations and intensifying arousal without the need for penetration.

Exploring the Best Toys for Women:

For women seeking enhanced pleasure without penetration, a myriad of sex toys and vibrators cater specifically to their desires. The market boasts a range of the best toys for women, from discreet clitoral stimulators to full-body massagers, each crafted to stimulate and satisfy in unique ways.

1. Clitoral Stimulators:

Devices like suction-based clitoral stimulators, such as the Womanizer or Satisfier, offer targeted pleasure without penetration. Utilizing air pulsation technology, they create gentle suction around the clitoris, inducing intense sensations that lead to powerful orgasms.

2. Wand Vibrators:

Wand Vibrator sex toys like the famous Hitachi Magic Wand or more modern versions such as the Le Wand offer deep, rumbly vibrations. These versatile tools can be used externally to stimulate various erogenous zones, providing intense pleasure without penetration.

3. G-Spot Vibrators:

One of the best toys for women, designed specifically to target the G-spot, toys like the Lelo Gigi or the We-Vibe Rave offer internal stimulation without penetration. Their curved shapes and powerful vibrations cater to this sensitive area, providing unique and intense sensations.

The Advantages of Vibrator Sex Toys:

Vibrator sex toys offer an array of benefits beyond merely diversifying pleasure. They empower individuals to:

Discovering Their Bodies: A Journey of Self-Exploration

Experimentation with various sex toys allows individuals to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. By engaging in diverse types of stimulation, they gain insight into their bodies’ intricate responses and uncover previously unexplored erogenous zones. This exploration goes beyond mere physical arousal; it delves into understanding the nuances of one’s unique pleasure points and preferences.

Through this process, individuals can unravel the mysteries of their bodies, identifying specific sensations that heighten arousal and lead to intense pleasure. Such self-awareness not only enriches solo experiences but also guides future intimate encounters, empowering individuals to communicate their desires more effectively.

Enhancing Intimacy: Shared Exploration and Emotional Connection

The best toys for women serve as catalysts for couples seeking to elevate their intimacy. Using these devices together creates an environment where partners explore uncharted territories of pleasure and connection. The act of incorporating sex toys into shared experiences fosters open communication about desires, boundaries, and fantasies.

This joint exploration isn’t solely about physical satisfaction; it strengthens the emotional bond between partners. As they navigate the world of intimate pleasure together, couples cultivate a deeper understanding of each other’s needs, fostering trust and empathy within the relationship. This shared journey empowers them to explore and honor each other’s desires, nurturing a sense of emotional closeness.

Prioritizing Pleasure: Liberation from Traditional Expectations

Vibrators and sex toys provide individuals with a liberating opportunity to prioritize their pleasure without the constraints of societal norms or expectations. In a culture often centered around penetrative sex, these tools offer an alternative avenue for experiencing gratification.

By embracing sex toys, individuals liberate themselves from the pressure or discomfort often associated with conventional sexual practices. They can focus solely on their pleasure, without feeling obligated to adhere to specific norms or perform in a certain way. This liberation from expectations encourages a sense of autonomy and empowerment, allowing individuals to embrace their desires unapologetically.

Our Top Five Exceptional Sex Toys and Vibrators for Sensual Stimulation:

Laviva Rose Petal Suction Glyde Rose Red:

With the Laviva Rose Petal Suction Clit Stimulator, enjoy the smoothest suction glide possible. Use this toy, which works best with water-based lubricants, to discover the five suction modes and bring some excitement to your bedroom. This smooth, incredibly pleasant stimulant, designed for pure pleasure, will ignite your inner sexual soul. You may personalize your experience with 10 vibration modes and 10 suction speeds to satisfy your wishes.

La Viva Come Sei Dolce Vibrator White:

Now, we’re presenting the Come Sei Dolce Vibrator – an entrancing treat whose opulent features and captivating allure will leave you speechless. With its waterproof construction, remarkable 20 vibrating settings, and convenient rechargeability, this high-end pleasure companion is painstakingly developed to deliver you an amazing experience.

Dark Saber Black Laviva Vibrator:

Your experiences in the bedroom will become even more exciting with this amazing vibrator! This silky and incredibly gratifying toy has numerous functions for ultimate enjoyment, which is sure to arouse your inner sexual energy. Savor the exquisite feeling of the Laviva Dark Saber as it satisfies all of your cravings.

This adult toy has a dildo-shaped shaft that measures 380*300*42 mm. It has three settings for an up-and-down extension that can reach up to 7 centimeters, and it has 10 vibrating modes.

The Mighty G Rechargeable Black:

A cutting-edge and adaptable erotic device for increased gratification is the Mighty G Rechargeable Black Sex toy. This toy’s completely waterproof design encourages exploration in a variety of aquatic settings, bringing excitement to personal encounters. With seven powerful vibrating features and seven programs with adjustable vibrating intensity, it guarantees a trip to a climax that can be customized to suit a variety of tastes. With a USB cord included, charging is made easier and takes only 150 minutes to finish. Because it is made of high-quality silicone, it prioritizes user pleasure and happiness while ensuring a smooth and safe experience for the body.

Pretty Love Ivan Purple:

With this 4-Function Clitoral Stimulator of Pretty Love Ivan Purple, going home alone has never been more thrilling. The ideal way to introduce touch-free clitoral stimulation is with this sex toy. As the stimulator nestles near your body, let its ergonomic form envelop your sweet spot. Explore four modes and feel a variety of suction sensations. You’ll soon discover this is the finest one-night stand of your life as the whisper-quiet suction pulls you closer and closer to the climax.


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Clitoral Sex Toys

All You Need to Know About Clitoral Sex Toys

In the fascinating realm of sexual wellness, the pursuit of pleasure has entered a thrilling new era, placing a greater emphasis on female pleasure than ever before. A notable contributor to this paradigm shift is the advancement of clitoral sex toys, with groundbreaking innovations such as clit suckers, clit toys, and clit pumps capturing significant attention. This in-depth guide is your ticket to exploring the realm of clitoral pleasure, showcasing a diverse range of products, and offering valuable insights to help you make the most of your pleasure journey.

Understanding Clitoral Suction Sex Toys

Sex toys designed for clitoral suction, commonly known as clit suckers, have gained notable recognition in recent times due to their distinctive approach to enhancing pleasure. Drawing inspiration from the allure of oral stimulation, these gadgets employ mild suction and pulsating movements to replicate the sensations of oral sex, specifically on the clitoris. The resulting experience is exhilarating and satisfying, introducing a fresh dimension to solo and shared intimate experiences.

As per professionals, these clit toys have the potential to heighten arousal, improve blood circulation to the clitoral region, and result in more powerful orgasms. They can also significantly enhance the sexual experiences of individuals looking for variety and satisfaction in the bedroom.

The Laviva Apple of Temptation Suction Vibe: Pink Perfection

The Laviva Apple of Temptation Suction Vibe in Pink is a stellar choice for those ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled pleasure. Crafted with precision and designed with pleasure in mind, this clit sucker is a testament to the innovation happening in the world of sexual wellness.

With multiple intensity levels and patterns, the Laviva Apple of Temptation ensures a customized experience for every user. Its ergonomic design, coupled with body-safe silicone, guarantees both comfort and pleasure. This toy is a testament to the commitment to quality and satisfaction that defines premium pleasure products.

The Laviva Rose Petal Suction Glyde Rose Red: Exhilarating Experience

The Laviva Rose Petal Suction Glyde Rose is a prime example of our commitment to providing a varied and satisfying selection. This upgraded version introduces new features and settings, promising an even more exhilarating experience.

Vibrating Clitoral Pump: A Symphony of Sensation

In the orchestra of clitoral pleasure, the vibrating clit pumps take on the role of a conductor, orchestrating a symphony of sensations. Combining gentle suction with arousing vibrations, these pumps aim to enhance blood flow and sensitivity, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary.

For those seeking a thrilling adventure, the Vibrating Clitoral Pump in Pink from Limp Donkey promises an experience like no other. Its ergonomic design and easy-to-use controls make it a versatile addition to any pleasure seeker’s collection.

Navigating the Pleasure Landscape with Limp Donkey

At Limp Donkey, we pride ourselves on curating a collection that caters to diverse desires. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a premium destination for pleasure products. The Laviva Apple of Temptation Suction Vibes and Vibrating Clitoral Pump in Pink are just a glimpse into the pleasure-filled world we offer.

The Call to Pleasure: Your Exclusive Invitation

As you embark on this journey of pleasure exploration, we extend an exclusive invitation to indulge in the premium offerings at Limp Donkey. Elevate your intimate moments, explore new horizons of pleasure, and redefine your understanding of satisfaction.

Claim Your Pleasure Now: Visit Limp Donkey and discover a world of premium love products. Our commitment to your satisfaction ensures that every product is a step towards unlocking new realms of pleasure.

In conclusion, the world of clit toys is evolving, offering individuals the opportunity to explore pleasure in exciting and innovative ways. The Laviva Apple of Temptation Suction Vibes and Vibrating clit Pump in Pink from Limp Donkey stand as testament to the commitment to quality, satisfaction, and the celebration of pleasure. Embrace the revolution, claim your pleasure, and experience a world of satisfaction like never before.

Pretty Love Sex Toys

Pretty Love Adult Toys, Sex Toys and Adult Novelties

Pretty Love Adult Toys has established itself as an industry leader in the art of passion and pleasure thanks to its dedication to premium quality sex toys, innovation, and client satisfaction. This post will explore the unique qualities of Pretty Love, the wide variety of goods they provide, and how their exquisite creations can elevate your special occasions. Plus, we’ll introduce you to a trusted retailer where you can purchase Pretty Love products – Limp Donkey.

Unveiling Pretty Love’s Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Exceptional Craftsmanship: Pretty Love is unwavering in its dedication to craftsmanship. They take great pride in crafting unique works of art, and each product results from their meticulous attention to detail. 

Body-Safe Materials: Health and safety are paramount in the realm of sexual wellness. Pretty Love adheres to the highest industry standards by using body-safe materials to produce their products. This commitment ensures that every item is gentle on the skin and safe for intimate use.

Innovative Design: Pretty Love consistently pushes the boundaries of design, creating products that are as visually appealing as they are pleasurable to use—their innovative approach results in unique and elegant designs that cater to various tastes.

Variety for Every Desire: Pretty Love understands everyone has unique preferences and desires. Their extensive product range reflects this diversity, offering an array of toys, accessories, and enhancers designed to cater to all needs and tastes.

Discover the Range of Pretty Love Products

Pretty Love’s product collection is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you’re looking to enhance your solo experiences or spice up shared moments with your partner, they have something for everyone:

Vibrators: Pretty Love’s sex vibrators are crafted to perfection, offering various shapes, sizes, and functionalities. From discreet, travel-friendly models to powerful, high-tech options, there’s a vibrator for every desire.

Couples’ Toys: Their couples’ toys is a game-changer for those looking to explore intimacy with a partner. Their products encourage connection, experimentation, and shared pleasure.

Anal Play: Pretty Love’s range includes a selection of anal toys designed for those who wish to explore new sensations and experiences.

Accessories: To complete your intimate moments, Pretty Love offers a range of accessories, from lubricants to bondage gear, designed to enhance your pleasure and satisfaction.

Take Your Intimate Moments to the Next Level with Pretty Love at Limp Donkey

Now that you’ve learned about Pretty Love and its remarkable offerings, it’s time to take your sexual wellness to new heights. Limp Donkey, a trusted and reputable retailer of adult toys and novelties in Australia, is your gateway to acquiring premium Pretty Love products.

At Limp Donkey, you can explore Pretty Love’s extensive collection, ensuring you find the perfect item to match your desires and preferences. With discreet packaging and a secure online shopping platform, Limp Donkey provides a seamless and private shopping experience for all sexual wellness needs.

In Conclusion: Elevate Your Intimacy with Pretty Love

Pretty Love is not just a brand; it’s a commitment to enhancing the quality of your intimate moments. Their USPs, dedication to quality, and diverse product range make them a beacon of excellence in the world of sexual wellness. Whether you’re an individual looking to explore new sensations or a couple seeking to deepen your connection, Pretty Love has the perfect product for you.

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Excellent Power Adult Toys

Excellent Power Adult Toys and Novelties

Established in 1980 from the thoughts of seasoned manufacturing professionals of adult novelty items, Excellent Power Industrial Limited has become a titan in the industry. This journey, distinguished by quality, innovation, and worldwide reach, demonstrates the company’s dedication to pushing limits and reinventing pleasure.

Let’s see all the excellent factors that set this brand apart from other adult toy manufacturers in the market.

Feel Fascinating with Excellent Power Adult Toys at Limp Donkey!

With the high-end goods from the Excellent Power brand, go on an elegant and pleasurable voyage. Examine a selection of reasonably priced products, including adult toys for him and her, as well as bondage and fetish toys. Explore Limp Donkey’s top Excellent Power items selection for a truly fascinating experience. Your exploration is at the nexus of desire and excellence.

Excellent Power Industrial Limited’s growth from a small trade company to a major manufacturer is essentially a testament to the synergy of dedication, experience, and invention. When you join their universe, you discover that every product expresses love and a dedication to providing unmatched enjoyment.

Doc Johnson Adult Novelties

Doc Johnson A Legacy in the Adult Novelties Industry.

In 1976, the brand of adult novelties, “Doc Johnson,” was established in the colorful city of North Hollywood, California, by Ron Braverman. It has made a name in the industry as a trailblazer by continuously pushing the envelope of innovation in the adult novelty market. Ron Braverman’s bold decision over 40 years ago to turn a modest rubber goods company into a distributor of “marital aids” significantly influenced today’s $15 billion adult novelty market. 

Innovative Products: 

The market influence of Doc Johnson is deeply ingrained in its ground-breaking merchandise. When the first Pocket Rocket was released, it created a cultural sensation. The word alone conjures up images of small, externally useful items that are stashed away on every woman’s nightstand. Another significant development was the Rabbit-style vibes, which altered the perception of sex toys and feminine enjoyment and became a central theme in discussions about closeness and pleasure. 

Modern inventions like the Opti MALE Rechargeable Vibrating C-Ring and the TRYSTTM Multi Erogenous Silicone Massager, which have won praise from the industry, further demonstrate Doc Johnson’s dedication to pushing limits.

American-Made Excellence:

 Doc Johnson is proud to continue being an American-made brand in a time when many companies have moved their production offshore. In the business, this is unusual—more than 75% of their products are still made in the United States. This brand’s preference for domestic manufacture is a deliberate decision to support skilled labor operations in the United States while also demonstrating the brand’s commitment to quality. As a result, various adult novelties are produced that satisfy the highest requirements and aid in preserving American workmanship.

Impressive Collection :

Doc Johnson’s dedication goes beyond creativity to include accepting the many identities and needs of its customers. From the ultra-feminine iVibe , novative harness and plug system, which combines a proprietary plug that holds insertable toys precisely in place with fully adjustable harnesses for comfort and enhanced control, has completely changed strap-on play. A testament to Doc Johnson’s dedication to fulfilling a wide range of needs, desires, and habits is the Vac-U-LockTM system.

Sustained Commitment to Enhancing Pleasure & Intimacy: 

Doc Johnson, a family-run company that leads its industry, is currently in its second generation of ownership. The brand is still focused on the individual pursuit of pleasure, health, and the positive effects that healthy sexuality has on relationships despite its development. As America’s leading maker of pleasure devices, Doc Johnson has a portfolio with nearly 2,000 unique items in the production.

Grab the Premium Doc Johnson Adult Toys at Limp Donkey

Discover unparalleled pleasure with Doc Johnson’s premier adult toys at Limp Donkey. Explore a range of bestsellers and indulge in top-quality, innovative products designed for ultimate satisfaction, ensuring an exceptional and fulfilling experience that exceeds your expectations.

Pipedream Sex Toys

Pipedream Sex Toy Products: Elevating Intimacy with Innovation

In the realm of sexual wellness and adult toy products, one brand that stands out as a true pioneer and industry leader is Pipedream Products. With a legacy of over 45 years, Pipedream has consistently redefined pleasure through its innovative, high-quality offerings. Let’s explore what sets this remarkable manufacturer apart, their diverse range of products, and where you can find their premium items online.

Unveiling the Pipedream Difference

1. Innovation and Creativity: Pipedream is renowned for its relentless pursuit of innovation. The company consistently pushes the boundaries of pleasure with its creative designs, ensuring that customers experience new heights of enjoyment. Their product development team is dedicated to crafting unique and imaginative items that cater to various desires.

2. Quality and Safety: Pipedream’s commitment to quality is unwavering. All their products are made from body-safe materials, ensuring customers can enjoy intimate moments without concerns. Rigorous quality control measures are in place to guarantee that each item meets the highest standards.

3. Variety and Versatility: Pipedream product’s catalog is as diverse as it is extensive. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced enthusiast, they offer a range of products to suit every preference. From classic vibrators to bondage gear and everything in between, Pipedream Products caters to all desires and fantasies.

Exploring the Pipedream Product Line

1. Vibrators and Dildos: There are many options for both novices and experts in Pipedream’s vast selection of vibrators and dildos. Their designs are renowned for their excellence, inventiveness, and potency.

2. Lingerie and Apparel: They have an impressive, sexy lingerie and apparel range designed to boost confidence and spice up your intimate moments. 

3. Bondage and Fetish Gear: For those looking to explore the world of bondage and fetish, their selection of products is unparalleled. They provide an array of restraints, paddles, and accessories to fulfill your deepest desires.

4. Couples’ Toys: The company recognizes that intimacy is meant to be shared. Their couples’ sex toys are specially crafted to enhance pleasure for both partners, creating unforgettable shared experiences.

5. Essentials and Accessories: They offer a range of essentials and accessories, including lubes, condoms, and cleaning products, to ensure a safe and satisfying experience.

Calling All Pleasure Enthusiasts to Limp Donkey

At Limp Donkey, we’re proud to be your destination for premium Pipedream products. We believe in promoting sexual wellness and empowering individuals and couples to explore their desires in a safe, enjoyable, and responsible way. 

Limp Donkey has the best collection of Pipedream products, whether you’re looking for a new intimate toy to spice up your alone travels or want to discover thrilling experiences with a partner. 

In conclusion, Pipedream Products is unique in the sexual health industry because of its unwavering dedication to variety, quality, and innovation.

All tastes and desires are catered to by their wide selection of items, guaranteeing that everyone can enjoy enhanced pleasure safely and delightfully.

We welcome you to explore our selection at Limp Donkey and go on a sensual discovery voyage to experience Pipedream’s best. Our main goals are closeness and your enjoyment, and we’re here to support you in making every moment special.

True Feel Vibrators

Unveil the Authentic Pleasure with True Feel Vibrators

In recent times, there has been a notable shift in the design of adult toys, especially sex vibrators. These vibrators are intended to increase intimacy and sexual pleasure with a partner or self. They are manufactured from body-safe materials and are available in various sizes, forms, and patterns to suit various needs and preferences. “True Feel” is a renowned brand that offers realistic vibrators, prioritizing user comfort and authenticity in the field of pleasure items.

True Feel Vibrators are painstakingly made to mimic the authentic tactile experiences of people. Their cutting-edge technology makes everything realistic, including movement and texture. The ergonomic and covert designs of these gadgets guarantee the user’s comfort and privacy while they are exploring.

True Feel vibrators are synonymous with realism. Because of the soft and gentle materials employed in their creation, they provide a sensation that is quite similar to that of a human partner’s touch. For those looking for a truly intimate and fulfilling encounter, True Feel vibrators are a great option because of their high quality and attention to detail.

What Are True Feel Vibrators? 

Sex vibrators from True Feel are made to simulate a very pleasurable and realistic personal encounter. Their distinct material, style, and the advantages and functions they provide make them stand out.

MATERIAL: Typically, premium, body-safe materials that closely resemble human skin’s texture and sensation are used to create True Feel Vibrators. Medical-grade silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which are both pliable, soft, and non-toxic, are standard materials. These materials are well renowned for feeling like skin, which makes them secure for personal usage and cozy against the body.

STYLE: Human genitalia are precisely modeled in the appearance and texture of True Feel Vibrators. They frequently have anatomically correct curves, ridges, and veins.

They frequently have anatomically precise outlines, ridges, and veins to give the illusion of being realistic. The experience is made more realistic overall by the finely textured texture. These vibrators are easy to use and comfortable to grasp and handle, thanks to their ergonomic design. Whether playing alone or with a partner, they are easy to use because of their ergonomic form and size that fits the user’s hand.

True Feel Vibrators’ dedication to authenticity is what makes them unique. The lifelike design and soft, skin-like substance create a personal experience that resembles human touch sensations, increasing enjoyment and satisfaction.  True Feel Vibrators are soft on the skin thanks to their body-safe materials. This is a gratifying personal encounter because of its ergonomic design and inconspicuous nature, further increasing its overall attractiveness.

Explore The Diverse True Feel Vibrators

Multiple vibrators are providing genuine experiences together with an extensive range of choices to satisfy personal preferences. These toys provide a variety of pleasures, from realistic textures to programmable vibrations, so users may explore their fantasies and improve their personal encounters in comfort and satisfaction—regardless of their preference for pink or flesh tones.

A variety of personal experiences are available from True Feel Vibrators, all of which are created with the user’s happiness and authenticity in mind. Here, we examine four noteworthy variations that satisfy various needs and tastes:

True Feel – Patriot Vibrator 

True Feel – Patriot is a realistic pink vibrator with a handy size to play with. It is 6.5 inches and features a perfect head and veins to play with. With a softer exterior and a firmer interior with the duo-density design, it’s an ideal go-to vibe for anyone. It is easy to use controls; you just need to twist and play at your convenience with multiple vibration modes.

Realistic 6.5 True Feel Vibrator:

This pink, 6.5-inch vibrator is for people who want a realistic sensation. Its realistic look is enhanced by several speed settings, letting customers customize their enjoyment. 

Ballsy Realistic True Feel Vibrator: 

A popular option for individuals looking for a more robust and thrilling encounter is the Ballsy True Feel Vibrator. For increased enjoyment, it blends a realistic design with exceptional power. 

Integrating True Feel Vibrators into Lifestyles:

 True Feel Vibrators may improve closeness, enjoyment, and introspection in your life. These adaptable gadgets are ideal for self-discovery, unwinding, and realizing fantasies alone or even with your beloved partner. They provide a secure and fulfilling way to indulge and decompress.

Open communication is vital in relationships. Bring True Feel Vibrators into private times and explore them as a pair. They can spark interest and novelty, which strengthens bonds. These gadgets may be utilized in the erogenous zones of both lovers, increasing intimacy and enjoyment for both.

It’s essential to practice cleanliness, utilize water-based lubricants, and store sensuality properly to explore sensuality safely. Consent should always come first, along with an honest discussion of limits and wishes. Using appropriate language may guarantee a courteous and joyful encounter. 


To sum up, True Feel Vibrators provide a realm of genuine feelings that improve intimacy, enjoyment, and the safe exploration of sexuality. These adaptable gadgets prioritize comfort and enjoyment while satisfying a range of needs, from alone exploration to intimate couple time. Important lessons include the value of safe and courteous interactions, open communication, consent, and hygiene.

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Adult Toys with Crypto

Buying Adult Toys, Sex Toys Online with Crypto

Crypto currencies are shaking our views on money in the constantly evolving world of online transactions. They’re a significant player in the money game, with trillions of dollars involved worldwide. You’ve got well-known ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and there’s a constant stream of new digital coins popping up. Investors are curious, and cryptocurrencies are even used in online shopping and payments, thanks to NOW Payments.

Understanding NOW Payments

NOW Payments is a tool for businesses to accept various digital currencies, including Cryptocurrencies. It connects regular money with online money. It’s easy and secure. You can use it for over 50 cryptocurrencies, including popular ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum. With NOW Payments, businesses can reach new customers who like using digital money, helping them grow.

Why Cryptocurrencies?

To see why NOW Payments can help businesses, let’s first talk about why cryptocurrencies are popular. Cryptocurrencies have gained attention because they have some advantages over regular money, which makes them interesting for both businesses and people.

Security: Cryptocurrencies use blockchain tech, making transactions super secure and unchangeable. This keeps fraud and unauthorized access in check.

Low Transaction Fees: Most banks charge big fees for sending money abroad. Cryptocurrencies can cut these fees a lot, making it cheaper to send money across borders.

Speed: Cryptocurrency payments happen lightning quick, finishing in just a few minutes, regardless of your location or the recipient’s. It’s a huge advantage for businesses aiming to accelerate their payments. 

Accessibility: Cryptocurrencies are accessible to anyone with an internet connection, eliminating the need for a traditional bank account. This opens up new markets and customer segments for businesses.

Transparency: Each time something is done on the blockchain, it gets written down, and anyone can check it, making things clear and less likely to cause arguments.

Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies aren’t bossed around by a central big boss, so the chance of government messing with them, or money problems is lower.

NOW Payments: The Bridge to Cryptocurrency Adoption

NOW Payments helps businesses use cryptocurrencies easily, avoiding the challenges and dangers of managing digital money. It provides various useful features, making it attractive for businesses of any size.

Diverse Cryptocurrency Support: NOW Payments supports over 50 cryptocurrencies, providing flexibility to businesses and catering to the diverse preferences of their customers. From Bitcoin to Dogecoin, you can accept a wide range of digital assets.

User-Friendly Integration: NOW Payments offers easy-to-integrate plugins and APIs for various e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. This means businesses can start accepting cryptocurrency payments quickly without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Auto Coin Conversion: NOW Payments enables businesses to receive payments in a single cryptocurrency of their choice, even if customers pay in different digital assets. This simplifies the accounting and financial aspects of cryptocurrency acceptance.

Fiat Settlements: While cryptocurrencies offer several advantages, businesses often have expenses that must be paid in traditional fiat currencies. NOW Payments allows businesses to settle payments in fiat, eliminating the volatility risk of cryptocurrencies.

Security: NOW Payments places a high emphasis on security, ensuring that businesses can accept cryptocurrencies with confidence. The platform utilizes SSL encryption and follows industry-standard security practices to protect merchants and their customers.

24/7 Customer Support: NOW Payments offers round-the-clock customer support, ensuring that businesses have assistance when they need it.

Limp Donkey and NOW Payments

It’s worth noting that some forward-thinking businesses have already embraced cryptocurrency as a payment option through NOW Payments. Limp Donkey, a popular e-commerce platform known for its eclectic range of adult toys and accessories, has taken the step to accept cryptocurrencies using NOW Payments. By doing so, Limp Donkey has positioned itself as a modern and inclusive platform, catering to the evolving preferences of its customer base.

By accepting cryptocurrencies, Limp Donkey allows customers to explore new ways of making purchases and, potentially, investing their digital assets in unique and interesting products. Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast looking to spend your digital coins or a curious shopper willing to try something new, Limp Donkey’s decision to embrace NOW Payments is a step towards a more diverse and inclusive shopping experience.


Cryptocurrencies are here now, not in the future. More people use them. If businesses don’t catch up, they could lose out. NOW Payments offers a straightforward and secure solution for businesses to embrace cryptocurrencies and reap the benefits they offer. From enhanced security to low transaction fees and global accessibility, cryptocurrencies present a compelling case for businesses of all sizes.

Limp Donkey is now making the shopping experience a breeze with NOW Payments gateway!

Celebrity Knights

Celebrity Knights Dildo’s

Celebrity Knights Dildo’s are the embodiment of sensual empowerment. Crafted from sumptuous TPR, these Dildos are designed to mimic the human touch, ensuring a realistic, comfortable experience. Phthalate-free and body-safe, they stand as champions of health-conscious indulgence. Celebrity Knights’ offerings are distinguished by their attention to detail—from life-like textures to perfect contours—crafted not just for stimulation but for a comprehensive sensory journey.

The benefits and features of these toys are manifold. With suction cup bases for stability, harness compatibility for versatility, and meticulously engineered vibrations for maximum pleasure, these sex vibrators go beyond the standard; they become intimate companions that are both innovative and intuitive.

Explore The Diverse Celebrity Knights Sex Toys

The world of Dildos is rich and varied, with a plethora of options catering to every conceivable preference. Within this abundance, Celebrity Knights sex toys shine with their diverse offerings:

These are but a glimpse into the expanse of what Celebrity Knights offers—the array is wide, and the pleasures infinite.

Integrating Celebrity Knights Sex Toys into Lifestyles

Whether you’re embarking on a solo journey of self-discovery or seeking to deepen the bond in your relationship, Celebrity Knights sex toys are versatile catalysts for intimacy.


Celebrity Knights sex toys are more than just pleasure devices; they are heralds of an era where sexual well-being is synonymous with overall health. They encourage users to own their desires and to celebrate their sensual sovereignty. Each Celebrity Knights Dildo is an invitation—an invitation to indulge, explore, and revel in the tapestry of human touch and technology.
For those ready to heed this call, Limp Donkey stands as a trusted platform in your quest. As a premier destination for the Celebrity Knights collection, Limp Donkey offers a discreet, reliable, and expansive platform to purchase these instruments of pleasure. Embrace the empowerment and embark on an odyssey of intimate discovery with Limp Donkey, your trusted partner in the art of gratification.


La Viva Sex Toys

Enhance Your Intimate Life with La Viva Sex Toys

Discussions on sexual health and wellbeing now link to women’s and men’s sex toys. These toys enable women and men to explore and improve their personal lives as society changes and adopts a more welcoming and open-minded view of sexuality.

Let us introduce La Viva, a high-end range of adult toys for women and men that take intimacy to another level. The “La Viva” brand deeply comprehends women’s intimate desires. La Viva’s selection of mens and women’s sex toys is a testament to their commitment to providing private, comfortable, and safe options for exploring sensuality. This further helps women find their true happiness and eventually fosters a more fulfilling and healthful connection with themselves and their partners. 

What are La Viva Sex Toys?

La Viva is a renowned brand offering a saucy range of adult toys for women. Whether she wants to take the bedroom fun to another level or just wants a more fulfilling “Me Time,” La Viva female sex toys are definitely worth trying. The sexual toys by La Viva are not just meant for fun, but they’re designed to improve all facets of her private life. 

These sexual toys for women offer numerous benefits for a healthier and more fulfilling intimate life. Explore some more advantages of La Viva sex toys here. 

1. Encouraging Sexual Wellness and Empowerment: La Liva female, male sex toys allow women to explore their preferences and aspirations, fostering self-assurance and empowerment. They offer a private and secure environment for fostering personal sexuality.

2. Strengthening Intimacy and Partnerships: These sex toys for her have a significant impact on making their relationship more intimate and close. They encourage stronger emotional connections between partners and promote open conversation and exploration, which results in more satisfying and harmonious relationships.

3. Resolving Typical Sexual Health Concerns: La Liva Sex Toys for her can be quite helpful in resolving typical sexual health issues. They provide a fun and non-invasive way to address sexual issues like genital arousal disorders, orgasm disorders, low libido, or pain during sexual activity.

4. Stress Reduction and Relaxation: Overall well-being is strongly correlated with sexual satisfaction. La Viva female sex toys can support a happier and healthier living by offering efficient methods of stress alleviation, relaxation, and better sleep quality.

5. Safe and Inclusive: La Liva highly values each aspect. All women can find an adult toy that meets their demands because it is made of body-safe materials and is intended to accommodate a wide range of preferences.

Now that you’ve explored the ultimate benefits of La Viva adult toys for women, it’s time to discover different types of women’s sex toys by this celebrated brand. 

Types of LA Viva Sex Toys

LA Viva offers a diverse range of sex toys for her, each designed to cater to various preferences and desires. Here are some of the types of La Viva Sex Toys for Women:

La Viva Come Sei Dolce Vibrator

Experience the enchanting Come Sei Dolce Vibrator, a premium pleasure companion designed for an extraordinary experience. It boasts 20 versatile vibrating modes for your desires, a waterproof design for aquatic pleasures, dual motor technology for heightened satisfaction, and rechargeable convenience. Adorned with captivating gold accents, it’s both opulent and elegant, making it a statement piece of pleasure. Crafted from body-safe materials, this sex vibrator for women ensures a secure and sensual experience.

La Viva Come Sei Carina 

Indulge in Laviva’s Come Sei Carina, an elegant blend of sophistication and sensuality. With 20 enticing vibrating modes and dual motor technology, this vibrator for women offers ultimate satisfaction. Its waterproof design enables aquatic pleasures, while rechargeable convenience eliminates the need for batteries. Crafted from body-safe materials, its velvety-smooth surface ensures a safe & pleasurable experience. 

La Viva Sei Una Bella Donna

Meet the Sei Una Bella Donna Vibrator for women, a sophisticated pleasure companion celebrating your sensuality. Designed for a luxurious experience, it features 10 diverse vibrating modes, catering to various desires. Additionally, it offers lifelike thrusting modes for a lifelike experience. Unleash your inner sensuality with this premium pleasure device.

La Viva Mighty Mouse

The La Viva Mighty Mouse is a versatile pleasure device with seven vibration modes and a wireless remote control for personalized satisfaction. It’s waterproof with an IPX 6 design, which allows for enjoyment in various settings. Elevate your pleasure with this recharging clitorial stimulator

La Viva Rocket Anal Plug

Here’s one of the best sex toys for women by La Viva- the Rocket anal plug. It features six vibration modes and a wireless remote for customization. This waterproof butt plug elevates anal pleasure and overall sex satisfaction. 

These are some of the best sex toys for women offered by La Viva, but the collection is not limited to these. La Viva offers luxurious, high-end collections with premium materials and elegant designs.

Interested to Buy La Viva Female Sex Toys Online? Look No Further Than Limp Donkey!

Check out the ultimate collection of La Viva female sex toys online at Limp Donkey. Limp Donkey is your trusted source for a wide selection of high-quality adult toys for women and men, including the exclusive La Viva range, designed to cater to all your desires and preferences.

Shop confidently, embrace excitement, and elevate your sexual well-being with Limp Donkey!

Crazy Bull Anime

Crazy Bull Anime Masturbators for Men

Welcome to the Crazy Bull Sex Flesh Anime Masturbator range from Limp Donkey.

Are you ready for a compact toy made of an incredible sex flesh TPR material that offers one of the most realistic experiences in a handheld portable sized masturbator.

When you insert your penis into the hollow, soft shaft the first thing you will notice is the real-feel veins and nubs inside to give that sensation of a real pussy.

Carefully moulded from TPR a life like sex flesh soft to the touch with grooves on the outside for grip so no matter how slippery you can still hold on.

Feel the soft life like vagina lips take hold of your penis as you slide into the compact handheld masturbator.

Use with plenty of water-based lubricant inside and out and get ready to have your mind blown.

Choose from a large range of Anime masturbators.

Fresh Surface Range

Miriam Flesh Masturbator

Modesty Flesh Masturbator

Louise Flesh Masturbator

Moira Flesh Masturbator

Or go the sexy Anime Range with a huge selection.

Go the full pussy and ass torso with Crazy Bull

Pick up this ever-horny masturbator and get a superbly realistic pussy and a tight anus in the palm of your hand, ready to bring you to satisfying climax whenever you want it!

Super easy to clean under warm soapy water ready for the next encounter. Always make sure the product is completely dry before storing.

Take your Crazy Bull masturbator anywhere! Portable, small and discreet to tuck away in any suitcase on that long trip.

What are you waiting for!

Buy sex toys now for men with fast discreet shipping all over Australia.

Secure online, discreet buying from the comfort of your own home.

Sex Toys for Men

Sex Toys for Men

Sex Toys for Men these days are a little different and have a lot more to offer from back when a vibrator first came out. Back then men’s sex toys were basically obsolete or homemade.

Now as we move into the future there is some of the most life like materials available for men on the market today, making you really think twice about using the old Mrs. palmer and her 5 daughters.

Masturbators or Strokers can come in a large range, starting from a life like fake pussy molded from one of the biggest porn stars in the industry or you may like to try an anal masturbator designed in the same way with a tight entry to replicate real anal sex.

Each masturbator having textured insides with nubs and canals to stimulate and give you that ultimate feeling or what about an oral experience where she or he can swallow every time with a mouth masturbator female or male, that’s right!

Crazy Bull Baileskin makes a huge range of sex toys for men in a handheld stroker to a full torso vibrating masturbator.

Check out masturbastors by the master Doc Johnson with a brand named Ultraskin, formerly known as UR3 these products offer a truly realistic experience.

It is one of the best-selling realistic products and is by far the most life like material in the industry.

It perfectly mimics the feel and touch of the human body and is just like having the real thing right in front of you.

Don’t forget sex toys for men or male sex toys see the limpdonkey So, get ready for your new masturbating experience with real life like masturbators / Strokers bought to you by Limp Donkey.

Teen Pussy and Ass Strokers

Teen Pussy and Ass Strokers

Hey 19! teen pussy and ass strokers is a selection of hey 19! masturbators that feature some of the hottest teens in the porn industry.

The Hey 19! range include Keisha Gray Pussy Stroker offering her tight pussy lips in a handheld compact stroker.

Lilly Ivy Vibrating Anal Stroker with her tight vibrating ass and her come-fuck-me blue eyes, and full lips are as real as her amazing tits, stunning ass and inviting pussy.

Ivy Jones Vibrating Anal Stroker that has performed in many BDSM scenes with that tight anal butt.

Jilian Janson Vibrating Anal Stroker with her 38″ bubble butt that loves her hole filled and with over 300 films made she knows what to do.

Uma Jolie Pussy Stroker with her pussy waiting for you moulded from when she was 19.

Olena Pussy Stroker with her tight lips and her innocent look just waiting for you to cum inside of her.

Dillon Harper Pussy Stroker Always ready to stimulate and excite you.

Blake Eden Vibrating Pussy Stroker from Hustler honey and Penthouse pet of the month performing in some of the hard-core scenes at 19.

Megan Sage Vibrating Pussy Stroker one of the newcomers with her sweet and innocent look you wouldn’t think she loves deep throat, offering her tightly molded teen pussy for your play.

Hey 19 Teen Pussy Stroker

These Hey 19! masturbators come with the highest of quality at an amazing price given to you by Limp Donkey sex toys.

Using one of these handhelds Hey 19! masturbators for solo play can improve your sex drive and give you confidence and stamina.

Perhaps you would like to introduce one of these hot Hey 19 into a three some that you and your partner can enjoy as bringing a masturbator to the bedroom can add all kinds of excitement in a relationship for the male and female.

Hey 19! Teen Anal Strokler

Penetrating one of the hottest teens in porn is a once in a lifetime goal.

Hey 19 anal strokers now bring that dream to life with tight anal holes with vibrations.

Quality material with a design that delivers satisfaction in a handheld compact, portable masturbator.

Hey 19! Male Mouth and Ass Stroker

​Boy 19! brings the same handheld masturbators to you as Hey 19! but with the hottest studs in their prime.

With such young hot studs as Julian Bell Mouth Stroker here to give you oral sex that you have never felt before or perhaps you just want to try something different.

Hayden Brier Anal Stroker ready to take a load in his tight perfectly rounded ass in a hand held compact design.

Eddie F Anal Stroker moulded from back in the day when these guys could perform all day.

Cyrus Stark Mouth Stroker ready with his tight young lips to give you the best oral sex you have ever had.

Chad Piper Anal Stroker with his ass moulded from back when he was 19 and one of the biggest studs in porn.

Miles Mathews Mouth Stroker waiting for you to give him a mouth full tonight.

Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators

Some of the health benefits of male masturbators are to prolonging erectile dysfunction in males 40 years and over, it also releases endorphins that can help you relax and sleep or relieve stress and tension.

Male masturbators can help prevent several health issues that may arise in the older years.

Such as prostate problems, studies have found that a steady flow of blowing your load can help prevent these issues that may arise.

​Stamina training is another reason why masturbation is a good idea.

If guys tend not to get a lot of sex, it can be all over in minutes and can leave you a little red faced.

But by masturbating regularly, you can train yourself to prolong and last longer each time, and let’s face it every guy wants to impress their partner or last longer and be that superhero in the sack.

Masturbation is and can be part of a healthy lifestyle and should be done on a regular basis solo or with a partner.

Sex toys for men and male masturbators these days come in a large variety from a small compact handheld stroker to a full vibrating pussy and ass torso that warms to the touch, and guess what? you can do whatever you want to it!

Maybe you have always wanted to pound one of the hottest porn stars around then select one of the male masturbators molded directly from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Jesse Jane and Bree Olson.

It’s your decision if you want to have anal sex tonight or get that ultimate head job from one of our mouth masturbators or just simply feel the real life like material of a pussy masturbator.

Anal Play with Jenny

Anal Play with Jenny

Thanks to Limp Donkey Playing With Your Booty Will Make You Happy!

​If you have a butt hole, and if you’re a living being then you have at least one of them attached to your booty, then you really should consider getting yourself some anal sex toys to play with it.

​I know all of you “straight” men reading this are thinking to yourselves that anal sex toys are strictly for gay men, and I know that all of you ladies reading this are thinking to yourselves that the only women who use anal sex toys are “sluts”, and in both cases nothing could be further from the truth because anal sex toys are extremely beneficial to all men and women, straight, gay, slutty, or conservative in nature.

Have You Ever Had a Thought of how Anal Sex Feels?

​Well you don’t have to actually try anal sex with another person in order to experience the pleasures of anal sex; all you need to do is experiment with the right types of anal sex toys and devices.

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys for Women & Men

​Before I recommend any anal sex toys, let’s first discuss what the benefits of playing with your butthole are!

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #1: Intense Anal Orgasms

​Anal orgasms can be intense; this is because the anus is packed with loads and loads of sensitive nerve endings, some of which are connected to the genitals.

​For men anal sex can stimulate the prostate and lead to an orgasm, and prostate orgasms are intense enough to send waves of orgasmic pleasure from head to toe.

​For women, anal sex hits both the G-spot and A-spot which are both located along the vaginal wall but can be indirectly stimulated during anal; both the G-spot and the A-spot have the potential to produce full-body orgasms. Best of all though, using anal sex toys leads to squirting and female ejaculation.

​If you’re a woman who has never enjoyed a squirting orgasm then you really MUST try anal sex with the correct toy/device as soon as possible so you can understand what you’ve been missing out on.

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #2: You Control the Speed and Depth

​Just like any other sex toy, anal sex toys allow both men and women to experiment in ways that allow them to control how fast, how deep, and how long the anal sex experience will be.

​If you’ve never had the pleasure of having anal sex before then you have no idea if you’ll enjoy it or not, and anal sex toys give you the opportunity to practice on yourself before you allow someone else to have their way with your booty.

​Practicing anal sex with toys will enable you to tell your partner what they should and should not do with your butthole.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

​Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #3: Keeps Your Bowel Movements Regular

​Bowel movements are NOT sexy, well some people get turned on by them, but they are extremely important to your overall health, and as much as people really don’t like discussing their bowel movements, it is important to mention that anal play does a great job of clearing you out which is extremely helpful in keeping your entire body healthy!

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #4: Spices Up Your Sex Life

​Even though anal sex toys are a lot more common than before, it’s still just taboo enough to bring in that element of naughtiness that can kick your arousal level into high gear.

​Couples should use anal sex toys on each other in the bedroom to spice things up a bit! Most straight men will at first be worried about what their woman thinks of them as they’re getting their butt played with, but once you feel all of the pleasures that come with anal play you’ll quickly care less about what anyone thinks.

Benefits of Anal Sex Toys #5: Exploration, Exploration, Exploration!

​You have no idea how pleasurable a part of your body can feel until you explore it. Anal sex toys offer a completely different sensation than any other type of sex you’ve felt before, and breaking away from your usual by using anal sex toys are the perfect way to keep things interesting in the bedroom with your partner of when you’re playing solo!

Health Benefits Provided By Anal Sex Toys!

​Yes, anal sex toys provide a LOT of pleasure, but playing with your booty provides the body with many health benefits as well, so if you really want to keep the doctor away but down that apple and pick up an anal sex toy instead!

Finally, Your Butthole, Your Decision: The Decision is Yours & Yours Alone!

​You choose what you consent to and whom with. Don’t let a partner pressure you into trying anal sex, or any type of sex for that matter, if you’re not completely sure you want it, and that’s why anal sex toys are so important because they allow you to first see what you enjoy, or don’t enjoy about anal sex play before you try it with another person!

​If you’re new to the world of anal sex toys, then please make sure to follow the below anal sex toy tips so that you enjoy all of the pleasures of anal play with as little pain as possible:

Anal Sex Toy Tip #1: Flared Base Is Important

​Make sure that you use an anal sex toy that has a flared base. A flared base is normally too large to fit inside of the anus so you can only push the toy in a certain amount before it just stops. Flat, round bases are a great way to ensure that the vibrator won’t get stuck where it’s not supposed to be.

​If you’re an anal sex veteran then flared bases aren’t as important, but if you’re a rookie then you really need that flared base or you may end up having a very awkward and embarrassing conversation with your doctor as they pull a non-flared base sex toy out of your booty!

Anal Sex Toy Tip #2: Angles are Important

​When inserting an anal sex toy or device for the first time try doing so at a slight angle; don’t just insert it at a perfect 90-degree angle; instead, angle it just slightly as you’re inserting it into the anus. Naturally, insert it with the point going inward first.

​Anal Sex Toy Tip #3: Non-porous Materials Are Best

​Look for anal sex toys or anal sex devices made out of non-porous materials that are specifically labeled as “body-safe.” This includes materials such as tempered glass, silicone, and even stainless steel. Another advantage to choosing anal sex toys made of these materials is that they are very easy to clean after you’re finished using them.

Anal Sex Toy Tip #4: Lube, Lube, and More Lube

​Always use a lot of lube when your inserting sex toys in your booty…this is NON-NEGOTIONABLE! Do not worry about making a mess, apply TONS of LUBE!

Anal Sex Toy Tip #5: Stay Relaxed at All Times

​Make sure that your body is relaxed before inserting your anal sex toy and keep in mind that the anus is not self-lubricating so you may want to try both deep-breathing exercises and some genital stimulation to get you relaxed and more ready for your anal play time.

Anal Sex Toy Tip #6: Pay Attention to Anal Sex Tip #4

Seriously, make sure you use a LOT of LUBE!

Water-based lube

​This type of lube is easy to clean off of things and is very easily absorbed. However, you usually have to reapply it at least once or twice as you play because it is so easily absorbed.

Silicone-based lube

Thicker than water-based lube with a gel-like consistency, silicone-based lube is more difficult to clean off of clothing and bed sheets but it also doesn’t have to be reapplied as often as the water-based kind.

Crazy Bull Masturbators

Crazy Bull Masturbators

A compact toy made of an incredible sex flesh, Crazy Bull Masturbators for men a TPR material that offers one of the most realistic experiences in a handheld portable sized masturbator.

Insert your penis into the hollow, soft shaft the first thing you will notice is the real feel of veins and nubs inside to give that sensation of a real vagina.

Feel the soft life like pussy lips take hold of your penis as you slide into the compact handheld masturbator.

Use with plenty of water-based lubricant inside and out and get ready to have your mind blown.

Choose from a large range of Crazy Bull Masturbators for men.

The Fresh Surface Crazy Bull Range

Go the full Crazy Bull pussy and ass!

Super easy to clean under warm soapy water ready for the next encounter.

Take your Crazy Bull Masturbator anywhere! Portable, small and discreet to tuck away in any suitcase on that long trip.

What are you waiting for!

Buy sex toys now for men with fast discreet shipping all over Australia.

Secure online buying from the comfort of your own home.

Shop all Masturbators and strokers Here or click on the images below.

King Cock Dildo’s

King Cock Dildo’s

King Cock Dildo’s so realistic that it looks and feel just like the real thing.

Look no further for a superior Dildo with King Cock dildos that look and feeling just like the real thing with realistic balls and veins to replicate the touch of a male penis.

With a powerful suction cup base sticks to almost every surface and makes every dildo harness compatible with King Cock.

King Cock Vibrating Cock (Flesh) Suction Cap

Featuring a posing spine just simply bend the King cock to your favourite shape to hit the right spot every time.

You can take this powerful, waterproof vibe into the shower, hot tub or spa and turn clean time to dirty time real quick.

The super strong suction cup base sticks to just about every flat surface.

Stick it to the floor, wall tiles, or bed post and it will stay in place. Always use the realise tab to remove the suction cup base after use.

King Cock Vibrating Stiffy (Flesh)

If you are looking for a realistic vibe that’s always ready for action, then the King Cock Vibrating Stiffy is the perfect choice for a maximum satisfaction.

This life like vibrating dildo features a powerful multispeed vibrator that delivers mind blowing thrills.

Using Dildos

Anal dildos and butt plugs generally have a large base or a flat section at the bottom to avoid accidental insertion into the rectum.