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Doc Johnson Adult Novelties

Doc Johnson A Legacy in the Adult Novelties Industry.

In 1976, the brand of adult novelties, “Doc Johnson,” was established in the colorful city of North Hollywood, California, by Ron Braverman. It has made a name in the industry as a trailblazer by continuously pushing the envelope of innovation in the adult novelty market. Ron Braverman’s bold decision over 40 years ago to turn a modest rubber goods company into a distributor of “marital aids” significantly influenced today’s $15 billion adult novelty market. 

Innovative Products: 

The market influence of Doc Johnson is deeply ingrained in its ground-breaking merchandise. When the first Pocket Rocket was released, it created a cultural sensation. The word alone conjures up images of small, externally useful items that are stashed away on every woman’s nightstand. Another significant development was the Rabbit-style vibes, which altered the perception of sex toys and feminine enjoyment and became a central theme in discussions about closeness and pleasure. 

Modern inventions like the Opti MALE Rechargeable Vibrating C-Ring and the TRYSTTM Multi Erogenous Silicone Massager, which have won praise from the industry, further demonstrate Doc Johnson’s dedication to pushing limits.

American-Made Excellence:

 Doc Johnson is proud to continue being an American-made brand in a time when many companies have moved their production offshore. In the business, this is unusual—more than 75% of their products are still made in the United States. This brand’s preference for domestic manufacture is a deliberate decision to support skilled labor operations in the United States while also demonstrating the brand’s commitment to quality. As a result, various adult novelties are produced that satisfy the highest requirements and aid in preserving American workmanship.

Impressive Collection :

Doc Johnson’s dedication goes beyond creativity to include accepting the many identities and needs of its customers. From the ultra-feminine iVibe , novative harness and plug system, which combines a proprietary plug that holds insertable toys precisely in place with fully adjustable harnesses for comfort and enhanced control, has completely changed strap-on play. A testament to Doc Johnson’s dedication to fulfilling a wide range of needs, desires, and habits is the Vac-U-LockTM system.

Sustained Commitment to Enhancing Pleasure & Intimacy: 

Doc Johnson, a family-run company that leads its industry, is currently in its second generation of ownership. The brand is still focused on the individual pursuit of pleasure, health, and the positive effects that healthy sexuality has on relationships despite its development. As America’s leading maker of pleasure devices, Doc Johnson has a portfolio with nearly 2,000 unique items in the production.

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