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Hey 19! and Boy 19! Hand held masturbators and strokers

Hey 19! teen pussy and ass strokers is a selection of hey 19! masturbators that feature some of the hottest teens in the porn industry that have had there pussies and asses moulded when they were 19, with each girl offering a different style and feeling from a vibrating ass or a vibrating pussy.


The Hey 19! range include Keisha Gray Pussy Stroker  offering her tight pussy lips in a hand held compact stroker. Lilly Ivy Vibrating Anal Stroker with her tight vibrating ass and her come-fuck-me blue eyes, and full lips are as real as her amazing tits, stunning ass and inviting pussy.  Ivy Jones Vibrating Anal Stroker  that has performed in many BDSM scenes with that tight anal butt. Jilian Janson Vibrating Anal Stroker with her 38" bubble butt that loves her hole filled and with over 300 films made she knows what to do. Uma Jolie Pussy Stroker with her pussy waiting for you moulded from when she was 19. Olena Pussy Stroker  with her tight lips and her innocent look just waiting for you to cum inside of her. Dillon Harper Pussy Stroker Always ready to stimulate and excite you. Blake Eden Vibrating Pussy Stroker  the former Hustler honey and Penthouse pet of the month performing in some of the hard-core scenes at 19. Megan Sage Vibrating Pussy Stroker  one of the new comer's with her sweet and innocent look you wouldn't think she loves deep throat, offering her tightly moulded Hey 19! pussy for your play.

Hey 19! Teen Pussy Strokers 

These Hey 19! masturbators come with the highest of quality at an amazing price given to you by Limp Donkey sex toys for men. Using one of these hand held Hey 19! masturbators for solo play can improve your sex drive and give you the confidence to last longer in bed by training your stamina. Perhaps you would like to introduce one of these hot Hey 19! into a three some that you and your partner can enjoy as bringing a masturbator to the bedroom can add all kinds of excitement in a relation ship for the male and female.

Hey 19! Teen Anal Strokers

Penetrating one of the hottest teens in porn is a once in a life time goal. Hey 19 anal strokers now bring that dream to life with tight anal holes with vibrations that run down your shaft as you feel the tight suction around your penis as you pull out. Quality material with a design that delivers satisfaction in a hand held compact, portable masturbator.

Boy 19! Male mouth and ass hand held strokers

Boy 19! brings the same hand held masturbators to you as Hey 19! but with the hottest studs in there prime offering tight anal and mouth openings for you to enjoy. With such young hot studs as Julian Bell Mouth Stroker here to give you oral sex that you have never felt before or perhaps you just want to try something different. Hayden Brier Anal Stroker ready to take a load in his tight perfectly rounded ass in a hand held compact design. Eddie F Anal Stroker moulded from back in the day when these guys could perform all day. Cyrus Stark Mouth Stroker ready with his tight young lips to give you the best oral sex you have ever had. Chad Piper Anal Stroker with his ass moulded from back when he was 19 and one of the biggest studs in porn. Miles Mathews Mouth Stroker waiting for you to give him a mouth full tonight. 

Boy 19! Male Mouth strokers

Boy 19! male mouth masturbators moulded directly from these hot studs back when they were 19 giving you a experience you will never forget. Ever wanted to receive oral sex from a male, well here is your chance with one of the most life like hand held strokers on the market today with amazing introductory prices bought to you by Limp Donkey sex toys for men.

Boy 19! Male Anal strokers

Boy 19! Anal masturbators bring you a tight hand held, portable stroker moulded from the hottest studs in the porn industry around wanting you to penetrate there asses deep inside and let them know who the real boss is. Try one or collect the whole range with Boy 19! and Hey 19! male masturbators.